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We ARE the SLA Solution!

SLA Solutions is a full service consulting firm specializing in New York State Retail and Wholesale as well as Federal liquor license applications and permits.


To provide our clients with an unsurpassed level of service resulting in a stress free experience while obtaining the requested license/permit in the shortest period of time possible.


To set the industry standard through our example of putting the long term interests of our clients before all other concerns, while advising them to be legally compliant.



Every person on our staff is trained to work and interact with our clients, the related agencies and themselves by implementing what we affectionately refer to as the “4 F’s”.

FAST - We understand and appreciate the time line of our clients and do our very best to meet those expectations while navigating through the myriad of complexities that are common place when dealing with governmental agencies.

FRIENDLY – A smile is contagious and goes a long way in easing stress. Even when you are talking on the phone, we expect you “hear our smile” when talking to us, as well as when we meet with you or a representative of the agencies we interact with on your behalf .

FOCUSED - Every client we have is the most important client to us. We begin every day in a staff meeting discussing each file and then strategically planning how to proceed resulting in an extremely expedited process. That focus and determination has built our reputation as an industry benchmark.

FLEXIBLE – No two clients, applications or circumstances are ever exactly the same. Each and every client deserves our total attention along with the ability to adapt to any specific need or situation. While many believe the licensing application to be a “cookie cutter” we know how often the rules change or are interpreted differently without any warning or notice. We strive to adapt to both your particular needs and the ever evolving licensing procedure.

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